Remeltable concrete, an industrial revolution! All without loss of quality. Sulphur concrete is the most prominent new circular material for the construction of infrastructure with minimal impact on the environment.

Sulphur concrete is similar to classical cement concrete, with cement and water being replaced by sulphur as its component. The production of sulphur concrete is a physical process of melting and solidifying that can be repeated infinitely. As a result, sulphur concrete is 100% circular and can be reused endlessly in identical applications. The 100% circularity is also guaranteed with the exclusive use of primary and high-quality raw materials.

Low CO2 emissions

Replacing cement as a binding agent by sulphur, a residual product from petrochemicals, and the low energy production process of sulphur concrete results in a reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 40% compared to classic cement concrete and other alternatives.

100% circular

The physical process of melting and solidifying can be repeated infinitely. This way, sulphur concrete can be reused endlessly in an identical application, without loss of quality.

No water consumption

By replacing water and cement with sulphur and applying a production process that does not require water, the use of sulphur concrete underpins the priorities of the European Sustainable Development Strategy.


Sulphur concrete products are acid-resistant. They can be used in aggressive environments (pH 0-12).

Dense structure

Sulphur concrete has very low permeability. The water absorption is a maximum of 0.5%. This contrasts significantly with classical cement concrete, where these values vary between 3 and 8%.



Innovation in the railway world, a revolution for the environment!

Our sleepers made from sulphur concrete are chemically stable and have undergone various European accreditation tests by railway infrastructure managers.

Several tests have shown that sulphur concrete is as resistant to the high dynamic load of trains as traditional concrete. For this purpose, a test track has been monitored for over 5 years. It is also less porous than classic concrete. This means that sulphur concrete is less susceptible to infiltration (e.g. water). Therefore, it is also highly resistant to chemical damage and attrition.

Due to the unique properties of the material, the sleeper can be remelted and reused at the end of its life, including all its integrated components. Sulphur concrete has thus all the advantages of a material designed for the future.

Infrabel is the first to make the sleepers of its rail network “green”. Gradually, the cement, which sleepers are traditionally made from, will be replaced by new sleepers made from sulphur concrete.

Infrabel will also reduce its ecological footprint. It was therefore important for the infrastructure manager to consider, in addition to price, which product offers the greatest benefits for the planet.

The green sleepers will be produced for 8 years, at a rate of 25,000 pieces per year. With this project, we will reduce 6000 tons of CO2!


De Bonte developed a sewage system based on sulphur concrete that not only meets the highest functional requirements but above all sets new standards in terms of sustainability.

The new sulphur concrete sewage pipes are mechanically strong, chemically resistant, and perfectly linear. The system is dismantleable allowing the different parts to be separated easily. The unique composition of the material makes it possible to melt and reuse the tube infinitely, without loss of value in an identical application. Thanks to the perfect circularity, with extremely low energy consumption in the production of the sewage pipes, that CO2 emissions are exceptionally low compared to other known materials.

The unique composition yields a monolithic acid-resistant product that is particularly suitable for dry weather drainage (DWA). By this, we mean the contents of a sewage system in dry weather. Unlike RWA (rainwater drainage), DWA is highly concentrated wastewater.

Protective measures for concrete such as coatings, linings, and the possible inconveniences are therefore permanently of the past.

Besides, the system is easy to install with little risk of damage. The strength and autonomous stability of the tubes ensure that no deformation measurements are necessary to ensure the minimum stability of the pipe


De Bonte is a family business with many years of experience in the production of precast concrete products. We make concrete products of the highest quality for railway, sewerage, and road infrastructure on an international level. We have manufacturing facilities in Belgium, France, Poland, and Turkey.

Based on years of experience in the production of railway sleepers, we developed our optimized molds and a full concept sleeper installation that are distributed internationally. We are responsible for the design of the prestressed sleepers, the installation, and the optimization of the production unit.

As an innovative and growing company, De Bonte values corporate social responsibility. Continuously and systematically, the economical, environmental, and social considerations are included in the entire business management, in consultation with all stakeholders.

The combination of constructive consultation, technical expertise, and the necessary experience forms the base to meet all customer-specific requirements.